Board Members

Hudson Development Corporation’s Board consists of twelve members that lend their time, energy and expertise to further the mission the Organization. The staff and Board of HDC adhere to a strict Code of Ethics


Name Board Title Elected Term  1st Term 2nd Term
John Gilstrap  President June 2016 3 years June 2019 June 22
Bob Rasner  VP Mar-16 3 Years Mar-19 Mar-22
Christine Jones Secretary Mar-13 3 years Mar-16 Mar-19
Don Moore Treasurer  Mar 16 3 years Mar 19 Mar 22
Rick Rector Ex-Officio Mayor Jan-18 2 years+ Jan 20 Jan 22
Tom DePietro Ex-Officio Council Pres. Jan-18 2 years+ Jan 20 Jan 22 
Carolyn Lawrence  Director Mar-15 3 years Mar 18 Mar 21
Alex Petraglia Director Mar-16 3 years Mar-19 Mar-22

Finance & Audit Committee

  • Don Moore
  • John Gilstrap 
  • Bob Rasner

Governance Committee 

  • Governance Committee is a Committee of the full Board of Directors.

Marketing Committee 

  • Christine Jones
  • Carolyn Lawrence 
  • Alex Petraglia 

Ad- hoc Nominating Committee 

  • Tom DePietro 
  • Bob Rasner