The Authorities Budget Office (ABO) is committed to the principles of public disclosure and the transparent reporting of financial and management information. Public Authorities Law, as amended in 2005 by the Public Authorities Accountability Act, requires state and local authorities to report and disclose policies. The following reports are made available by the Hudson Development Corporation in compliance with the ABO mandates.

Background Information

Articles of Incorporation
Bylaws December (2015 Update)
Organizational Chart
Performance Measures
Hudson Development Corporation’s Projects and Accomplishments
HDC Project List 2018

HDC Policies 

Procurement Policies
Property Disposition Policy
Whistleblower Policy
MWBE Policy

Standard Operation

Conflict of Interest
Code of Ethics
HDC Board Application


HDC 2018 Audited Financial Statements
HDC 2018 Auditor’s Letter
HDC Audited 2017 Financial Statements
HDC Audited 2015 and 2016 Financial Statements
HDC Audited Financial Statements: December 2014

HDC Audited Financial Statements: December 2013

HDC Audited Financial Statements: September 2012
HDCAudited Financial Statements: September 2011

*The HDC Board of Directors voted to adjust its October-September fiscal year to align with the calendar year fiscal year of the City of Hudson. 

To satisfy the requirement of Sections 2800 (1) (a) (9) and 2800 (2)(a)(9) of Public Authorities Law,  this statement certifies that the Hudson Development Corporation has followed a process that assessed and documented the adequacy of its internal control structure and policies for the year ending December 31, 2014. To the extent that deficiencies were identified, the authority has developed corrective action plans to reduce any corresponding risk.