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The first meeting of the DRI Local Planning Committee, at 6pm on October 19th, will be led by Co-Chairs Matthew Nelson and Tiffany Martin Hamilton, with assistance from our planning consultant, Stantec, and representatives from various State agencies who have been assembled to work with Hudson on this initiative. This first Committee meeting will include an overview of the DRI program, process, roles and responsibilities, and schedule. Additionally, there will be a review of Hudson’s DRI application. Please note that Committee meetings are considered working meetings, but an opportunity for public comment will be provided toward the end of the session. The second meeting, at 6pm on October 26th, will be our first community meeting, where we will begin to fully engage with the public regarding process and projects. Both meetings will be held in the cafeteria at John L. Edwards Elementary School.

Program information will be maintained online at https://www.ny.gov/progr…/downtown-revitalization-initiative.

Meetings are also listed on the Calendar.

Downtown Hudson was selected as the winner of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative in the Capital region.

Hudson’s BRIDGE District has the look and feel of the post-industrial cityscape that millennials seek, yet retains a working historic waterfront along the Hudson River. Dense housing in the Downtown Revitalization Initiative area ranges from historically-designated single-family homes to townhouses and high-rise apartments, served by a variety of dining and shopping options in revitalized historic structures. Recent organic, entrepreneurial development has primed Hudson for the next phase of its revitalization: the increased development of mixed-use projects that incorporate affordable and market-rate housing and transportation oriented design; job incubation to create high quality, living-wage jobs; workforce development to prepare local workers for year-round local employment; and a re-imagining of the waterfront for expanded public use and enjoyment. DRI investment will drive the continued success of existing private and public ventures; emphasize job growth and the attractiveness of the district; and set the stage for economic and civic expansion in the district and across the Hudson.

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