HDC is pleased to support local business owners turned authors, Brian Branigan and Allison Culbertson, on their new book: Food Truck 411.

From the book’s press release:

Food Truck 411: The Essential Information To Run A Successful Food Truck is authored by two Hudson locals; Brian Branigan and Allison Culbertson. Brian and Allison have enjoyed early success in terms of press attention. Their book is written about in the July issue of both Hudson Valley Magazine and Chronogram Magazine. Brian was a guest on WGXC, and will be on WAMC’s Roundtable show with Joe Donahue on Friday 6/28. In addition, the book is being carried by several local shops including, Spotty Dog, Stoddard Corner Book Shop, Culture and Commerce, Tortillaville, and Chatham Book Store. ¬†This makes sense, because aside from being locals to the area, and their food truck, Tortillaville, gaining near landmark status, Food Truck 411 is also very Hudson-centric, including a stand alone chapter, “Welcome To Hudson.” There are many photographs too, and over 30 Mexican fare recipes.

The book itself is a week-in-the-life, a how to, a photo book and a cook book. It is aimed at those on both sides of the counter. It begs the question, Are you ready to roll? It does this because, at its core, the book acts as mentor. It does not glorify the food truck business. It discourages as much as it encourages. Mostly is asks the question, What is you Plan B? By the time you get through the book, you will know which side of the line you fall. And, for those who are still encouraged, there are even tips for achieving success. It is a book for any small business, really, offering marketing and branding tips, and spread sheets and check lists alike. It is fitting that the book starts off with a drive in the country, and ends with a recipe for key lime pie. It is a ride, I think, you will want to take. The book is also available on Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. The website for the book is www.foodtruck411book.com

As a side note, Tortillaville (the business), is available for purchase. The sale includes; complete financial disclosure, equipment, tables and location rights, recipes, training, wholesale and franchise rights, a noncompete clause, and a built-in clientele. It is priced to make your complete investment back after just one season. So if you would like to learn from the person who wrote the book on it, this is a great opportunity.

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