HDC’s Economic Development and Community Support Projects for last 10 Years

Many people ask What does HDC do, exactly?

HDC can do many things to help its local community– from workforce development projects such as supporting a career counseling center and computer room at Bliss Towers, to administering a grant to help the Hudson Day Care Center meet their state requirement to continue operations. HDC has helped other non-profits get off their feet to achieve their mission: The Hudson Business Coalition and The Mrs. Greenthumbs group.  Ultimately, HDC’s board strives to help our business community thrive because when Hudson has sustainable economic growth– the entire community benefits. HDC has sponsored (paid for through grants or donation) the Hudson Walking Guides and free downloadable Walking Tours that came out in Summer 2018 which much acclaim. 

Check out all the projects that HDC has been able to achieve in the last 10 years:

Increase tax revenue for the City
– Sale of Riverloft building for the purposes of supporting new business and training growth and to increase tax revenue for City
– Support relocation of businesses to Hudson including Hawthorne Valley Farm, Harney Teas Acquisition of CSX Parcel and  Redevelopment of former KAZ Warehouse Site (Pending)

General City Support
– Co-Develop Winning DRI Application ($10M)
– Advance & Support multiple City applications through Restore NY, ESD, and local Foundations. Stabilization of Washington Hose Building ($250K)
– Stabilization & Rehabilitation of City owned building- Hudson Day Care ($200K)
– Cosponsored and financially underwrote The Grant Writers with HCDPA and the City for seven years
– State and Regional Connectedness
– Connect, Establish and Maintain relationships with local, regional and statewide public/private partners: Capital Region Economic Development Corp, NYS DOS, NYS ESD, NYS OPRHP, HRVG, CEDC, Columbia County Planning

Workforce Development
– Bliss Tower Computer Room ($5K)
– Host & Train Hudson High School Interns and Columbia Greene Community College Interns Sponsor Luncheon Speaker Series at
  Hudson City School District
– Establish presence of Hudson’s Creative Economy in the Capitol Region (Captivate Report) Sponsor Columbia-Greene Job Fair

Community Development & Support
– Sponsor community events and clean-ups
– Fiscal Sponsor for Mrs. Greenthumbs– Hudson Parks Conservancy
– Fiscal Sponsor for Hudson City Police Department
– Community Meeting Series
– Host City Tours for foundations, investors, developers, college/universities, American Planning Association & Real Estate  professionals

Local Business Support
– Establish & Sponsor Hudson Business Coalition
– Annual Technical Assistance & Workshops for CFA for local businesses Start-UP Hudson Guide
– Business Climate Survey
– Economic Development Newsletter
– Research City Broadband Development
– Support Development/Sponsorship of Hudson Hall Renovation Grant

– Support Hudson Walking Guides 
– Sponsor Hudson Walking Tours
– Develop Signage & Wayfinding Application for Funding
– Coordinate with private entities to host events (All over Albany tours, Bacon Fest, Hudson River Valley Greenway Paddle, Creative Economy)